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Summer 2020 Landman Webinar Series – Part 1

Mineral Acquisition in a Downturn
July 23, 2020
Attorney Katie Moisan discusses various considerations related to mineral acquisition in the current pricing environment. In this webinar, she presents pre-purchase issues related to title due diligence and business due diligence, then moves through valuation considerations in a depressed market.  She concludes by discussing acquisition solicitation and ethical considerations related thereto.  We have designed this webinar to be an introductory guide and overview of potential issues for field and in-house landmen that are embarking on acquisition ventures.

Summer 2020 Landman Webinar Series – Part 2

Surveys in Subdivisions
July 30, 2020
Attorney Chet Cotten discusses best practices for obtaining an area allocation, highlighting specific requests landmen should make, common traps to avoid when procuring a survey, and title issues commonly found in subdivided land.

Summer 2020 Landman Webinar Series – Part 3

Business 101 for Landmen
August 6, 2020
Managing Partner Jon Tjornehoj discusses an individual’s liability in business transactions and how to minimize risk and formalize business relationships through proper entity formation and compliance with state requirements.

An Overview of Land Development in the Western United States

19th Century Legal Developments that Shaped Westward Expansion in the United States
June 11, 2020
Attorney David Strait provides an overview of significant legal developments during the 19th century that shaped modern mineral ownership throughout the western United States and established some of the ground rules for land and mineral conveyancing.

Foundations in Estate Planning – Part 1

Foundations in Estate Planning for Land and Mineral Owners – Part 1
May 22, 2020
In Part 1 of our Estate Planning series, Attorney Katie Moisan discusses the estate planning process, the basics of property transfers, and estate planning considerations unique to land and mineral owners. She concludes with a discussion on defining your land and mineral assets and why mineral and royalty ownership deserves special consideration when building your estate plan.

Foundations in Estate Planning – Part 2

Foundations in Estate Planning for Land and Mineral Owners – Part 2
May 29, 2020
In Part 2, Attorney Kylie Lovell builds upon the estate planning fundamentals presented in Part 1 and discusses a wide range of estate planning tools that you can incorporate into your estate plan for land and mineral asset management. She delves into the traditional will, pour-over wills, irrevocable and revocable trusts, and beneficiary deeds, and discusses probate applicability and implications of each tool.

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