A pragmatic approach to a complex field of the law.

Expertise from the Ground Up

Tjornehoj & Hack LLC was born out of a mineral title practice focused on oil and gas development in Colorado's Denver-Julesburg basin. Because mineral title examination provides the basic legal foundation for the acquisition and development of energy resources, we developed an intricate understanding of each legal phase of the energy development process. As we expanded, our clients called on our firm for assistance in transactional, compliance and litigation matters. From exploration and initial test wells, through full-field development, secondary recovery and asset transfer, our mission is to partner with clients and seek out resourceful solutions to the challenge at hand. We assist clients in maximizing the opportunities presented by energy development in the modern setting. We are proud of the excellent work we are a part of on projects throughout Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota, assisting clients in reaching their goals in the Denver-Julesberg Basin, the Bakken Field, the Pinedale Anticline, the Powder River Basin, and beyond.

Energy for Today and Tomorrow

Our firm is rooted in the Rocky Mountain west and we believe that oil and gas development is an intricate part of our community’s past and future. Everyone in our community and across the nation relies upon our clients and other energy producers for their daily needs. We are excited by the new developments in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology. Application of these technologies has brought not only renewed economic prosperity to Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota, but the opportunity for continued production of affordable energy to power our nation’s future. We are proud to be a part of making that opportunity a reality by working with producers.

Total Team Engagement

From the start our firm has sought to bring a new approach to engagement with our clients. We believe that winning solutions are best found by engaging with our clients in a team effort. No one understands your project better than you do and by working closely together we can address the legal requirements for success. We also believe that variety of perspectives bring the best solutions to the fore. Behind the scenes on each project we bring our full team to bear on the difficult issues confronted by our clients. That collaborative, multi-faceted approach makes for efficient project completion and high quality legal advice.

Pragmatic Solutions

Many lawyers excel at telling clients how things should be done according to the text book; we excel at defining how things can be done best in the real world. On each project and for each client we strive to find the legal solutions the meet the economic realities and the on-the-ground facts of the situation at hand. Whether you are confronting development challenges in Colorado where subdivisions meet the oil field or wrestling with the BLM to determine acreage attribution on lands in North Dakota, we have the tools and the experience to help you find not just an answer, but the one that works best.