A collaborative team focused on the energy industry.

Tjornehoj & Hack LLC was founded by Jon Tjornehoj in 2007, after concluding five years of practice in the natural resources department of a large Denver law firm. Originally under the name Jonathan D. Tjornehoj, LLC, the firm began as a solo title practice focused on Colorado's Denver-Julesberg Basin and Wyoming's Pinedale Anticline. Jon’s practice involved not only rendering title opinions, but also curing title defects over large federal units and conducting stand-up title examination. It was in those early years of digging up documents in the back rooms of Clerk and Recorders’ offices and tracking down predecessors in title to execute curative that Jon came to understand title from a landman’s perspective. It is that perspective that is instilled in the firm today. We seek pragmatic, real-life solutions for our clients. Especially in our title practice, our goal is to structure our title comments and requirements in a way that enables the in-house landman to better accomplish the task at hand. We don’t simply repeat the rule and let our client figure out what to do with it—we strive to provide practical guidance on how to cure title defects and manage risk. In 2010, Jon was joined by his former colleague, Peter Hack. Peter and Jon had previously worked together for several years on a host of natural resource issues, including public lands litigation, and oil and gas transactions.  In 2013, the firm formally changed its name to Tjornehoj & Hack LLC.